Sustento: Searching for a food hall’s financial independence while empowering Venezuelan women

In early 2018 Caracas Mi Convive reach out to us to find funding for a new initiative: Sustento.

We knew them well by then. We had been working with them in two projects already: the Violence Prevention Workshops and the food halls of Alimenta La Solidaridad.

They wanted to create a way to fund the Alimenta La Solidaridad (ALS) food halls while empowering the ALS volunteer mothers

Bastion: Helping to help

We thought this was the perfect example of what we wanted to help organizations achieve for their projects.

Bastion managed the funding for the equipment and the training needed to launch the initiative.

By mid-2019 we were informed that Sustento was sustainable and needed no more funding.

Bastion: Helping to help
Photo courtesy of Caracas Mi Convive

By the end of the year, they had launched a new project: Sustento Textil, where the women learn to produce textile products, like aprons and tablecloths, for Sustento’s own consumption and for commercialization.