Bolivia. Photo: Collin Hughes

Our Approach

Bastion is a collective of donors who believe that giving is a way of life.

Our mission is to help organizations working to make a better world by connecting them with donors who want to help.

How do we do accomplish our mission?

We select organizations that:

  • Are already working in the field.
  • Demonstrate good administration practices and management skills.

We choose a project that aligns with our values and our areas of interest.

What do we do?

We invest money, but we also invest time and skills. We work with each organization on their individual needs and get involved in the development and implementation of the project.

Continued care. We require close project monitoring and long term follow up.

Close and recurring funding management. We tie recurring funding to the success of the project and timely reporting.

Ongoing support. One of the ways in which we support the organizations is devoting time and effort to find other donors who want to collaborate with the projects we have selected.

Administrative services. We offer other donors the administrative and logistics support in making the donation. We do the paperwork and the donors send the grant directly to the selected organization. No money goes through us.

More details here.


You can learn more about how we work by reading about our Selection Process.

Join Us NOW...

If you want to help others too, we can offer our grant management services with no cost to you or the beneficiary organization. Let us help you help others.