Board of Directors

Manuel Contreras

Manuel Contreras

Board Member

Chairman and President

Manuel is a civil engineer with 20 years of international experience covering a vast arrangement of civil engineer works: bridges, tunnels, buildings, highways and dams. He is the founder and Managing Partner of micp engineering, an independent consultant firm.

He completed the Social Entrepreneurship Program at INSEAD in 2019 and the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program at the Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown University in 2019. Currently, he is a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the NGO Bridges to Prosperity.


Rebeca Godoy

Board Member


Rebeca is a graduate in Economics with a master’s in Financial Markets with 20 years of experience in capital markets and financial products.

She worked as a Senior Financial Officer at The World Bank Treasury for 7 years.  Currently, Rebeca is a Financial Market and Product Structuring Consultant at African Risk Capacity (ARC).

She has been a lecturer at the University of Seville and has more than 10 years of experience working for non-profit organizations that foster sustainable development.


Eli Bravo

Board Member


Eli holds a degree in media with a major in journalism. He is an author, a speaker, and a certified mindfulness teacher.

Before dedicating himself to the study and teaching of Mindfulness, Eli developed a successful career in international media.

Currently, Eli is a candidate for an MS in counseling psychology.

He is a former member of the advisory board of the Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, and a Friend of UNICEF.

Executive Team

Cecilia Neher

Cecilia Neher

Managing Director

Cecilia is a professional in the field of media and public relations with 25 years of experience in both corporate and nonprofit environments in Latin America, USA and Europe.

She has completed an MBA, a Master in Nonprofit Management and a Master in Publishing.

Cecilia helped Manuel develop the concept and the structure of Bastion when she started working with him in his company.

Now, she shares the Managing Direction with Natalia, where she takes care of the financial and local partners.

Cecilia is a member of the Board of the Cambodia Community Dream Organization (CCDO).

Natalia Araujo

Natalia Araujo

Managing Director - Operations

Natalia joined Bastion in September 2019 as a Managing Director overseeing the finance, operations and processes areas with the idea of building a solid platform that allows Bastion to deliver its mission.

She is a Mechanical Engineer with masters’ in Business Management and Engineering Management. She has extensive experience in process management for corporations like PepsiCo and nonprofits like UNICEF.

Her volunteer work includes several nonprofits in the education field.

Photo courtesy of Meals4Hope
Bastion: Helping to help
Photo: Fabricio Ojeda
Bastion: Helping to help
Photo courtesy of Caracas Mi Convive

What is Bastion

Bastion Life is a nonprofit corporation established under the laws of the State of Florida (501(c)(3) status pending).

Bastion provides comprehensive support for education as the keystone of social development and personal growth.

We partner with nonprofits and philanthropists around the world to support projects that provide access to education and a suitable environment for learning.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We work to increase the impact and effectiveness of social investments and programs without charging any fee to donors or nonprofits.

We evaluate and vet the most impactful, effective, and transparent charities in foreign regions working in Bastion’s area of focus.

We provide operational and grant management support to these selected charities at no cost.

We connect these selected charities to grantors and donors

We publish educational resources and materials on our website (in construction)

What do we do?

We invest time and skills. We work with each organization on their individual needs and get involved in the development and implementation of the project.

Continued care. We require close project monitoring and long term follow up.

Close and recurring funding management. We tie recurring funding to the success of the project and timely reporting.

Administrative services. We offer donors the administrative and logistics support when making the donation. We do the paperwork and the donors send the grant directly to the selected organization. No money goes through us.

More details in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

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