Independent eyes on the ground. A case of added accountability in Venezuelan projects

We like to go above and beyond in helping our Local Partners to make sure they meet the project’s objectives. 

One of the ways we do this in Venezuela is by hiring a team of local journalists who visit the locations and interview volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries. Fabricio Ojeda, a well-known Venezuelan journalist, is the coordinator of this team.

We share these independent reports with the Local Partners to give them a different perspective of what is happening on the ground. We also share the reports with the funders, so they can be sure their contributions are making a difference. 

On some occasions, these reports have led to interesting findings.

Here is an example

A Fiscal Sponsor was having problems solving the transportation of food to a school canteen in a rural area. They believed the problem was related to school management.

Our independent report revealed that the transport was not dependent on the school but another local organization.

Through our local contacts, we helped the Fiscal Sponsor secure the needed transportation with another organization.

These independent reports are a way to add a higher level of accountability to the projects we support in Venezuela. But they are also another way to help our local partners.

You can read them on the project pages in our web. All the reports are public.