Caracas Mi Convive

Caracas Mi Convive launched the “Alimenta la Solidaridad” program (Feed the Solidarity) to work in close collaboration with the community of Libertador Municipality to feed the children who were suffering the impact of the economic and social crisis in Venezuela.

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Project Location:

Libertador District

Caracas, Venezuela

Bastion: Helping to help
Photo courtesy of Caracas Mi Convive
Bastion: Helping to help
Photo courtesy of Caracas Mi Convive.


To expand the impact of the "Alimenta la Solidaridad" program by involving the community and local organizations in creating a sustainable operational structure.

The funding of this project include:

  1. Opening a new food hall
  2. Establishing a logistic center to streamline the reception and distribution of food
  3. Improve infrastructure in existing food halls
  4. Control and treat children in risk of malnutrition


  • Every food hall provides an average of 100 lunches to kids in the community.
  • The food is prepared by parents who have previously received adequate training.
  • The kids' health is regularly controlled and treated by community volunteers who have previously been adequately trained.
  • The logistics center is managed and operated by people of the community.
Bastion: Helping to help
Photo courtesy of Caracas Mi Convive
Bastion: Helping to Help




Between $10,000 to $50,000

Fiscal Sponsor: Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas


Start: May 2018

End: April 2019

Bastion: Helping to help


Complying with the agreement brokered by Bastion between the investor and Alimenta La Solidaridad, the organization delivers quarterly reports and a final report at the end of the project.

At the same time, Bastion commissions independent reports as part of the services it provides to its investors.

You can find here the reports.


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