Corporación Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacífico

"Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacífico" is a social intervention model that aim to build coexistence and peace through public-private partnerships, providing training focused on culture, technology, and income generation.

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Project Location:

Cali, Colombia

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Description of the project:

This proposal aims to enhance technology training at the Somos Pacifico Cultural Technocenter in Cali, Colombia, for adolescents and young adults using the Clubhouse methodology. The program will focus o n training in 3 D modeling, animation, video game development, audiovisual editing, and design for graphics and architecture. The Clubhouse Network provides methodological support, access t o technology, and opportunities like equipment subsidies and participation in events.

The primary goal is to train  individuals aged 12 to 35 in digital skills, contributing to the creative economy and fostering personal development. The program develops and evaluates critical thinking, creative thinking,
achievement orientation, commitment, and autonomy skills. The groups, consisting of about 15 participants, will be formed based on interests and proficiency.

The project involves a multidisciplinary team and complementary processes to efficiently execute training, promotion, logistics, evaluation, and monitoring for successful project outcomes.


● 40 children and young adults participating in the trainings.
● 15 indirect beneficiaries (families and participants of other activities involved in the production of the services and products.)






Between $10,000 to $50,000


You can find all the reports here.


Started: February, 2024

Finished: June 2024

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