Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer

The Foundation of Friends of Kids with Cancer has been providing care to children, girls, and adolescents with cancer for 39 years.

Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer (FANC) has given hope to more than 8,500 children suffering from oncological diseases, supporting them in regaining their health. 

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Project Location:

Caracas, Venezuela



One of the most critical needs of FANC patients is access to special tests, which are essential for their follow-up and monitoring. In general, these tests are not performed in public hospitals and are essential for diagnosing and treating patients.

Over 60% of the patients FANCC attends require these exams. Due to their high costs, the Foundation prioritizes the case's urgency when deciding which patients will receive tests. The Foundation has also established quotas for specific requests for special tests. CT scans are limited to 10-12 per month, while MRIs and Gammagrams are limited to 1 monthly.



To provide special tests to children, girls, and adolescents with cancer who are from families with limited resources.

  • Beneficiaries and Project Scope:

The duration of the project will be determined by the demand for special and other tests.  According to the prioritization of the foundation and the budget presented,  funds will be executed in 3 months.

Due to the unpredictable number of requests from patients referred from various public hospitals, we adjust the number of tests offered each month.





Between $10,000 to $50,000


1st agreement: October - December 2023


Children's Health


Complying with the agreement brokered by Bastion between the donor and the Foundation, the organization will send quarterly reports and a final report at the end of the project.

You can find all the reports here.