Hogar Bambi

Hogar Bambi Venezuela is a private, non-profit Civil Association aimed at the comprehensive care of children and young people between 0 and 18 years of age deprived of their family environment of origin for reasons of abandonment, mistreatment, sexual abuse, indigence, extreme poverty, parental problems with the law, parents with alcoholism or drugs, among others.

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Project Location:

Caracas, Venezuela

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Provide educational support and reinforcement for children and adolescents who are in school and those who need preparation to start schooling.


  • Sixty-three children and adolescents between 3 1/2 and 18 years are in school and leveling up.

    It is worth noting that the dynamics of the entry of children and adolescents are subject to the protection measures provided by public protection entities. This means that the population of children and adolescents may increase or decrease during the year.


On Going




May 2023 - October 2023


Under $10,000

Fiscal sponsor: Bambi International Foundation


Complying with the agreement brokered by Bastion between the donors and Hogar Bambi, the organization sends quarterly reports.

You can find all the reports here (in Spanish).

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