Corporación Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacífico

"Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacífico" is a social intervention model that aim to build coexistence and peace through public-private partnerships, providing training focused on culture, technology, and income generation.

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Project Location:

Cali, Colombia

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agosto 18 - facebook

Description of the project:

The music program at Somos Pacífico in Cali, Colombia, caters to individuals aged 6 to 18, focusing on comprehensive music skill development. It offers individual and group classes encompassing violin, viola, cello, double bass, electric bass, guitar, folk percussion, brass, and woodwinds, encouraging participation in the symphony orchestra. Workshops cover theoretical, technical, and interpretative aspects, fostering cultural identity and psychosocial support. The choir program targets residents of Commune 21, promoting vocal group formation for children, youth, and adults, enhancing vocal technique and psychosocial skills.

Groups are categorized by initiation, intermediate, and advanced levels. The training emphasizes instrument recognition, technical proficiency, posture, and social development. The initiative involves an interdisciplinary team, including social intervention, training, and musical coordinators, along with specialized psychosocial support.

The overarching project goal is the sociocultural integration of the young people of the Comuna 21 through orchestral and vocal-instrumental training. Competencies addressed include technical, cognitive, interpretative, and social skills, aiming for collaboration, empathy, and respect. The team ensures compliance through monitoring, evaluation, communications, administration, and financial management processes.


● 150 children and young adults participating in the music training.
● 40 indirect beneficiaries (families and participants of other activities
involved in the production of the events)






Between $10,000 to $50,000


You can find all the reports here.


Started: February, 2024

Finished: June 2024

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