Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity helps isolated communities by building footbridges over impassable rivers and contributing to their socio-economic development.

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Project Location:

Around the world

Bastion: Helping to help
Haiti. Photo: Collin Hughes
Bastion. Helping to help
Bolivia. Photo: Collin Hughes


Through this grant, the donor becomes part of the program “Pillars”. This is a three (3) years commitment to the organization with an annual grant that will be used for funding the general operating expenses of the organization. This will increase the capacity of the Bridges to Prosperity team to grow the number of bridges built each year and focus general fundraising efforts on resourcing footbridge projects that benefit rural communities around the world.


Directly the beneficiary is the organization Bridges to Prosperity, but indirectly the beneficiaries are all those communities where B2P will be able to dedicate its resources to build footbridges.

Bastion: Helping to help
Nicaragua. Photo: Collin Hughes
Bastion: Helping to Help
Rwanda. Photo: Collin Hughes






Between $10,000 to $50,000


As stated in the letter of agreement, B2P present reports twice a year. However, since our investor helps them fund their operational expenses, it is not up to us to disclose the detail of that information.

You can find a annual summary of their activities in this folder, or you can visit their website for their publicly shared annual report and financial statements.


Started: July 2016

Finished: June 2019

Footbridges help thousands of kids get to school quicker and safer
Bolivia. Photo: Collin Hughes
Bastion: Helping to help
Rwanda. Photo: Collin Hughes
Bastion: Helping to help
Nicaragua. Photo: Collin Hughes