Fundaçao Fé e Alegria Brazil 

Fundaçao Fé e Alegria Brazil is a non-profit civil society organization that promotes comprehensive, inclusive and quality educational processes in Brazil.

Fundaçao Fé e Alegria Brazil has been present in Brazil for 40 years and currently operates in 14 states, benefiting over 8,000 people.

The Foundation partners with public schools, nurseries, and shelters, promotes integration for Venezuelan migrants, and provides support services for the homeless.

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Project Location:

Boa Vista, Brazil

Fe y Alegria Boa Vista


Venezuela is experiencing an un-precedented economic crisis and political polarization, where acute shortages of food, medicines and basic services coupled with high levels of crime and violence have forced the Venezuelans to flee the country.

Globally, Venezuelans are one of the single largest population groups displaced from their country.

The main destinations of this exodus are the neighbouring countries, where many Venezuelans arrive in devastating conditions of health and malnourishment.

In response to the need to support the migrant population and vulnerable Brazilian families, Fé e Alegria Brasil opened the São Francisco Xavier Center in the San Vicente Neighborhood in Boa Vista in January 2022.

The center has the capacity to serve 200 children between the ages of six to twelve years old. The center provides meals, personal hygiene supplies, and socio-educational and recreational activities for the students.

Many of the families who the center serves are single mothers, and their children often suffer from various illnesses and malnourishment.

For 2023, Fé e Alegria do Brasil secured funding to cover operational expenses, hygiene supplies and services, and educational and recreational activities.

Venezuelan migration flow comparison 2015-2017
Image taken from the IOM website
Lunchboxes provided by the organization to the beneficiaries.
Photo courtesy of Fe e Alegria Boa Vista


To ensure that children enrolled in the São Francisco Xavier Center have access to nutritious and balanced food on a daily basis.


160 children who meet Brazil’s SUAS (single social assistance system criteria).


1st Agreement: July 2019 - July 2020.

2nd Agreement: July - December 2020

3rd Agreement: April - October 2021

4th Agreement: January - July 2022

5th Agreement: March - July 2023





Between $10,000 and $50,000


Disaster relief.

Health and Nutrition.



Complying with the agreement brokered by Bastion between the investor and Fe e Alegria, the organization will deliver quarterly reports. You can read them here.

A volunteer distributes food to the children.
Venezuelan beneficiaries pick up the lunchboxes.
Photo courtesy of Fe e Alegria Boa Vista
Volunteers prepare food for the Venezuelan families.
Photo courtesy of Fe e Alegria Boa Vista
Venezuelan mothers receive the lunchbox for the daily meal.
Photo courtesy of Fe e Alegria Boa Vista