Boom! Art Community

Cultural ecosystem that supports and promotes symbiosis between Latin American artists and European cultural agents.

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Description of the project:

One of Bastion's philanthropic investors decided to support the Boom! Art Community in their Transatlantic Residency program. As part of this program, they invite a Latin American artist for a residency in Spain. The Venezuelan artist, Zahira González, was selected to benefit from this wonderful opportunity in 2023. Now that she is back from her residency, we have been invited to participate in the social action that is part of the program.

Through this strategic partnership with Boom!, we have coordinated a series of creativity workshops with schools and community centers for children ages 8 and 14. These workshops aim to strengthen creativity through sensory exploration, using different artistic techniques such as painting transfer, color combination, collage, and frottage.

Bastion’s local partners who are participating in this initiative are Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad, with the public school República de Indonesia, Hogar Bambi, Alimentando Futuros, and Meals4Hope. We are convinced that through these art workshops and creativity, the children and communities benefiting from these projects will continue strengthening their creativity and social development.

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Started: February, 2024

Finished: April 2024