Bastion: Empowering Families in Smart Philanthropy

On Thursday, May 18th, we had the immense pleasure of presenting Bastion and our Smart Philanthropy model to a select group of individuals in Madrid, Spain. 

Our founder and president, Manuel Contreras, welcomed the attendees and took the opportunity to recount the story behind the inception of Bastion, which was born from his personal philanthropic experiences. The structure he created, together with Cecilia Neher, our current Executive Director, has flourished, providing support to not only close friends and family but also expanding its reach to serve a broader community.

Bastion Cocktail in Madrid

Bastion’s directors, some of whom traveled to Madrid specifically for the event, also participated by providing their testimonies as philanthropists.

Bastion Cocktail in Madrid

Cecilia explained how all the processes we have developed are designed to instill confidence in donors that their philanthropic investments will reach the intended recipients and have the desired impact.

Bastion Cocktail in Madrid

To illustrate each of these processes, we invited three of our local partners to join a panel discussion. Lala Lovera from Comparte por Una Vida Colombia shared her experience with the vetting process to become part of Bastion’s portfolio. Carolina Oteyza from Meals4Hope, illustrated the different ways in which projects and objectives are defined. Lastly, Beatriz Octavio from Código Venezuela spoke about the monitoring and follow-up process we conduct and how the reports they deliver at our request serve internally within their organization.

Panel with our local partners

All attendees enjoyed a pleasant conversation and received a Bastion card that serves as a reminder that philanthropy is the seed to harvest social development.

The event took place at MasterMind Place, a wonderful multimedia space owned by María Corina Rodríguez. The coordination and decoration of the event were handled by María Beatriz Cordero from Eventors Productions. Many thanks to both of them for their impeccable work.

Bastion Cocktail in Madrid

"For my family, Bastion is a part of our philanthropic project. And part of that project is to attract new families, like yours, into the world of philanthropy. Families who are interested in being part of the solution, in making efficient donations with confidence, and, ultimately, in participating in Bastion's Smart Philanthropy."

Manuel Ignacio Contreras Pietri, Founder and President of Bastion.

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