Multiplying the goodness in Venezuelan schools. What started with 2 school’s cantines, now covers 70.

“If you want to help Venezuelan kids receive an education, you can fund school lunches.

They don’t come to school because they have nothing to eat and when they come, they simply cannot learn.”

That was the answer we received three years ago when we contacted Fe y Alegría in search of an education project in Venezuela.

And that is how the “Escuelas del Futuro” project started. Bastion’s funders have sponsored school lunches for 1,000 kids in 2 schools in Anzoátegui for the past 3 years.

After the initial success in 2016, Fe y Alegría replicated the model with other funders.

What Bastion started with 2 Fe y Alegría schools 3 years ago, now is a wonderful program that covers 76 schools around the country.

Bastion: Helping to Help
Photo: Fabricio Ojeda

138 thoughts on “Multiplying the goodness in Venezuelan schools. What started with 2 school’s cantines, now covers 70.”

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